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How to Practice Hindu Kirtan

How to Practice Hindu Kirtan

Hindu kirtan, also called bhajan, is to glorify God by singing mantras or devotional hymns. Kirtan is an important part of Hindu devotion (Bhakti).



    Chant mantras to the Deva (god) or Devi (goddess) whom you are worshiping. "Hare Krishna" is a well-known mantra or chant. Perform kirtan before an altar of the god. Adorn the altar with images of the god, flowers, water and fresh fruits.


    Chant with love. Love of God, known as Bhakti, creates raising your voice in joyous devotion.


    Gather to chant in satsang. In Satsang, devotees gather and discover their unity in love of God. Together they sing and dance out of love of God.


    Chant mantras appropriate to the god you worship A popular chant to the God, Shiva is, "Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya namaha, Shivaya namah om Shivaya namaha, namaha Shivaya Shambhu Shankara namah Shivaya, Girija Shankara namah Shivaya." This essentially means that you call on the sound of the universe (OM), bow to Shiva and affirm that the god in you bows to the God, Shiva.


    Read the Bhagavad Gita, which teaches about Bhakti, devotion to God.

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