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Carrots for Weight Loss

Carrots are one of nature's most nutrient-rich foods. Carrots are also incredibly low in calories and are a proven way to lose weight quickly. But you can't use them efficiently without understanding why carrots help you lose weight.

Why Do Carrots Help Me Lose Weight?

    Carrots are incredibly high in fiber. Fiber is one of the most important substances in losing weight. Fiber cannot be digested by the body; it simply passes through the body, with other food attached. This, however, doesn't stop your digestive system from trying to digest it. It sends out more digestive enzymes to try and break down the fiber. This causes the digestive system to more fully digest the food in your stomach. This helps use all of the foods energy and helps speed your metabolism.

    Carrots are also incredibly low in fat and calories. They are so low, in fact, that carrots can be considered a thermogenic food, which is a food that takes more calories to digest it than is actually in the food. This means that you burn calories by simply eating carrots. Carrots are also incredibly high in nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin A and potassium. These nutrients help your body function more smoothly, and a body that is functioning properly is a body that burns more calories.

How Can I Use Carrots to Lose Weight?

    Losing weight with carrots is simple; integrate more carrots into your diet. Some people go on crash diets in which they eat carrots and little else. Don't do this. Crash diets are an unhealthy way to lose weight. Though you will lose weight on a crash diet, you will also suffer from malnutrition. Most diets focus on a single food and eliminate a lot of other foods. While carrots are extremely healthy, they don't possess all of the nutrients you need in a day. They can be a powerful tool in losing weight. Integrate carrots into lunch and supper. Sprinkle carrot sticks on your salad. Have carrot sticks as a healthy snack. Boil carrots, along with other vegetables, for a healthy side dish. A great fat-free soup can be made with carrots, onions, fat-free soy or chicken and white pepper.

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