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How to Lose Weight With Juicing

How to Lose Weight With Juicing

The new trend known as "juicing" has its roots in basic nutritional fact. The fundamental idea is that fruits and vegetables have the vitamins and elements we need to stay healthy. So it makes a lot of sense to replace pizzas, French fries and chicken salad sandwiches with juice combinations, whether you're trying to lose pounds or just feel better. The antioxidants in lots of juice combinations are a boost for your body's immune system and general health. Here are some ways to pursue juicing to the best of your ability.



    Find juice combinations you like. Don't make yourself suffer while downing heavy vegetable combinations. Gradually explore which fruits and vegetable are better suited to your palate. Try carrot, orange and banana together. Tomato can go with most other vegetables such as spinach and kale. Blueberry and pomegranate juices can be combined with just about any other fruit or vegetable juice and taste great.


    Replace high-calorie fruits with vegetable juices. The difference can be vast (check out the caloric value of a carrot compared to a banana). Vegetables can add bulk to your juice without adding a boatload of calories.


    Get organic juices by using organic products to avoid pesticides and other chemicals in your juices. You want to keep the pulp and nutrients in and the excess waxes or coatings of your fruits out for a healthier result.


    Use spices to stimulate the metabolism. Things like cayenne pepper, allspice or cardamom might seem out of place at first, but some of these ingredients can actually give your metabolism a boost. Considering grinding them into your juice until you acquire the new taste.


    Utilize fat burners and thyroid helpers. Other ingredients can contribute to weight loss by supplying enzymes, specific metabolic elements or even just a good dose of fiber. Make up your recipe with these elements in mind.

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