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How to Eat Just Fruit & Salad to Lose a Lot of Weight

Eating only fruit and salad is a terrible way to lose weight. Crash diets such as this weaken your body due to lack of proper nutrients, slow down your metabolism due to your body's natural response to starvation and rarely work for keeping weight off in the long run. If you must be on such an unhealthy crash diet, you might as well do it properly to maintain your health. This guide will help you safely lose weight while eating mostly fruits and salads.



    Calculate your BMR. Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories you body burns through out a day if you did absolutely nothing but lie in bed. Subtract 500 from this total to calculate the amount of calories you need to aim for each day to safely lose roughly one pound a week. See the BMR Calculator in the Resources.


    Eat hearty fruits and vegetables, five to six times a day, three hours apart. You want to break up your daily meals into three smaller meals of roughly 300 to 400 calories each. This helps you stay satiated longer and keeps your metabolism elevated throughout the day. View a sample meal plan in the References and Resources.


    Eat hearty salads. A diet based on fruits and salads will result in a lot of sugar and carbohydrate intake. Add chicken, tuna or salmon to your salads for a lean protein source. Use extra virgin olive oil as dressing instead of a fatty, calorie-rich off-the-shelf dressing.


    Exercise. A regular workout routine is essential to burning fat and building muscle. If you are unfamiliar with cardiovascular activities or weight lifting regimes, work with a personal trainer for at least once session to develop a routine that suits your particular body's abilities and meets your goals.


    Develop healthy eating habits. Consuming only fruits and salads is unhealthy, but can be done without too much harm in the short run. To properly lose weight and maintain that weight loss, you must commit to a lifestyle change--not just a crash diet course. Hearty, whole grain and lean wholesome foods must substitute for the junk food and processed foods. View a sample meal plan in the Resources.

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