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Miry Clay & Physical Healing

The term "miry clay" is most often used in conjunction with being trapped and needing rescue. Clay's properties include its viscosity and ability to absorb and adsorb (attract and hold things to it). Because of these properties, clay has been used through the ages for healing where there is a need to draw something out of the body. You can use clay as an all around tonic for detoxification and health.

Why Use Clay?

    You can use clay therapy in conjunction with a detoxification program, such as an organic whole foods diet. To help your liver process all the food additives, chlorine, mercury and other pollutants that bombard your body every day, you can take a clay supplement. The clay itself cannot be absorbed by the body, so there is virtually no risk for negative side effects. The key minerals that reside in the clay, however, are released in the digestive tract for you to use. At the same time, heavy metals, pollutants and toxins are absorbed in or adsorbed to the clay and it passes from your system.

    Mix clay into a thick paste and apply externally to quickly clear up acne, boils and other skin conditions. Cut down on processed foods, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water so your body can get the best benefit from the clay.

    You can find different types of clay online and at your local whole-foods store. Clay is generally sold in powder form. Add it to filtered water and drink it as part of your daily routine.

Common Types of Healing Clay

    Bentonite is mined mainly in and around, Benton, Wyo. It is gray clay, usually taken in water for purification purposes. It has been shown through in vitro studies to kill bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus (Dr. Howard Lind, Lind Laboratories, Brookline, Mass., 1961).

    Pyrophyllite is white clay found near Crater Lake, Ore. The early Native Americans in the area called it Ee Wah Kee, or sacred clay. Another type of clay commonly used to promote health is French green clay. Mined from deposits in France and in Indonesia, this clay has been used in Europe for centuries.


    Since clay is so absorbent, it may interfere with any medications or supplements you are taking. If you use it daily, be sure to leave plenty of time between taking the clay and taking your other supplements or your medicine to minimize this interaction. As always, consult your health practitioner before beginning any new regimen.

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