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Do Protein Shakes Work?

Protein shakes come in many forms and brands. They can be purchased at a health food store or gym as ready-made proteins or used at home in powder form. They are used primarily to hasten the recovery process after a workout as well as to build quality muscle. Whether or not they are effective depends upon your goals, and if you use the shakes in conjunction with a lean, healthy diet.

Protein And The Body

    Protein is used to repair muscle tissues, produce hormones and transport ingested nutrients in the body. Muscles are made of approximately 70 percent water and 20 percent protein. Building muscle mass requires extra water and more energy in the form of carbohydrates, as well as more protein.
    Bodybuilders take protein supplements because they use more of it in training and need the extra protein for recovery and growth. Fitness experts recommend that athletes or people who work out take about 1.5 to 2.0g protein per kilogram of body weight.


    Most people who take protein shakes practice weight training. However, all fitness enthusiasts have different objectives in taking them. They also have different body types, and their experience varies widely. Everyone's goal is to gain lean muscle, but that accomplishment is easier for some than others.
    The novice weightlifter can often make significant gains right away. Her muscles respond to the new demands placed upon them and get bigger and stronger. Protein shakes can enhance this process, but it also takes extra calories to gain muscle. Protein shakes provide the building blocks for repairing the muscle fibers that get torn down during exercise. But to get the full benefits, the weightlifter must eat more calories high in proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide the extra energy needed for muscle growth.
    People who have been training for a while usually have to work harder at making gains. They often experiment with several proteins and at times use the ones that contain high calorie levels. Combined with a high protein diet, they can often experience massive gains with some of the high-calorie proteins.
    When assessing whether protein shakes work, you also need to account for your body type. Ectomorphs are naturally thin people. To get the full benefits of protein shakes they will also need to eat a lot of calories. Endomorphs are people with heavier builds. They tend to gain weight more easily and it is more difficult for them to burn fat. Mesomorphs have a more athletic build. Protein shakes tend to work extremely well for them, as they can gain muscle more easily than an ectomorph without putting on fat like the endomorph. Knowing your body type is half the battle in achieving fitness goals and benefiting from protein shakes.

Types Of Protein Shakes

    There are a number of different types of protein shakes and powders on the market. The key is choosing the one that works best. Whey-based proteins are very popular with bodybuilders. They contain the highest level of protein and quickly aid in recovery and growth. Most people can make lean muscle gains. They simply start taking whey protein and eat more calories high in carbohydrates and protein. For overall health, it is essential to eat a well-balanced meal rich in vegetables and fruits, too.
    For those who want to pack on extra muscle, weight-gain proteins work well. Some of these drinks contain over 40g protein and nearly 1,000 calories. The muscles will definitely grow with weight-gain proteins, but they can also increase body-fat levels. It is very important to eat a lean diet when taking these products.
    Bodybuilders have also experienced tremendous results with creatine, which is an amino acid. In high doses, it can drastically provide the energy necessary for muscle growth. Creatine tends to fill the muscles with water and make them harder than any other supplement. Some weightlifters can put on 20 lbs. of muscle and weight quickly with creatine.
    Everyone likes smoothies and they are easy to make. A lot of bodybuilders mix their protein shakes with fruits and ice in a blender for a refreshing post-workout drink.

Deciding On A Protein Shake

    There is plenty of proof out there that protein shakes help fitness votaries gain lean muscle mass. The key for each individual weightlifter is to know his goals going in. If he wants to add 5 or 10 lbs. of muscle, all it takes is adding a good protein supplement along with eating foods high in protein and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates should be eaten earlier in the day because they are used for energy. They can turn to fat in the body if eaten at night.
    Bodybuilders often have loftier goals and take multiple protein shakes per day. They also combine weight-gain proteins with creatine when they are trying to bulk up months before a contest.
    Protein shakes do work. If they did not, they would probably not be selling as well as they do.

When To Take Protein Shakes

    It is best to take protein shakes before and after exercise, according to leading authorities and physiologists on protein metabolism. Taking a protein shake before a workout can boost your energy level and enhance your workout. Taking it after a workout will get the recovery process going faster. Often novices take one protein shake after a workout, but energy drinks and foods high in carbohydrates can also provide that extra kick beforehand.

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