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What to Eat on a Seven-Day Detox

A seven-day detox can yield many benefits, from cleaning your body of harmful toxins, to curbing bad habits such as a dependence on caffeine and sugar, to helping you lose a few pounds. A detox can also help if you suffer from constipation, fatigue or gastrointestinal problems. This plan focuses on eating healthful foods for the seven days.

Fruits and Juices

    A seven-day detox should include plenty of fresh produce. Buying organic fruit is best, if at all possible. Just about any fruits are acceptable, including apples, oranges, lemons, blackberries, pears and mangoes. Fruits can be eaten raw or as juice. Many people find that by making fresh juice, they are able to consume a much wider variety of fruit daily.


    Vegetables are the next big irem to consume on a seven-day detox. You can include any vegetable of your choosing. Green leafy ones--spinach, kale, broccoli and leeks--are best, although other vegetables, such as carrots, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes, are permitted. Vegetables may be eaten raw or blended up for a healthful juice.


    Water is the main beverage of choice on a seven-day detox. At least 64 ounces of water--either from the tap or bottled--should be drunk daily. Adding lemon to your water helps the digestive process while giving the water a bit more taste. Herbal teas are also permitted, provided that they are not caffeinated. And do not add milk or sugar to your tea.

Miscellaneous Foods

    A seven-day detox should consist of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. However, a few other foods may be eaten in moderation. These include tofu, beans, brown rice, oats, plain yogurt and fresh fish. Only a few seasonings should be used, including black pepper, garlic, ginger, balsamic vinegar, and honey. These should all be used sparingly.

What to Expect

    When you detox your body for seven days, you can expect a few changes to occur. As the body rids itself of harmful toxins that have been building up for years, you will begin to eliminate much more regularly. This is helpful if you have been suffering from constipation or stomach cramping. The detox can help you shed a few pounds as well, a popular reason for many to try it.

    Be sure to consult a doctor before attempting a seven-day detox, since some people, such as pregnant or nursing women, should not follow this diet.

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