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How Does Cabbage Soup Cleanse the Body?

How Does Cabbage Soup Cleanse the Body?

    Cabbage Soup Cleanse is a fad diet that closely resembles several other fad diets that have surfaced over the years. This particular diet lasts for 7 days, and is followed strictly. The diet mainly consists of a cabbage soup, but allows for several other foods to be eaten. It is supposed to cleanse the body of waste, thereby causing the dieter to lose weight.

Diet Guidelines

    The dieter is given a strict daily regime of food they can eat. They must only eat what is on the list. Items include water, unsweetened tea, vegetables, fruit and the cabbage soup. The dieter can consume all of the soup they want to in a days time, to ward off the hunger.

    The other allowable foods are selected only on certain days. There is a recipe to make the cabbage soup included in the diet plan. The plan is to last for 7 days. This cleansing diet is not recommended for any longer.

    The basic food that the dieter is allowed is mostly a water compound type of food and it will flow through the dieter's system pretty quickly. Since none of the foods contain any carbohydrates or nutrients, not much will be left in the dieter's system.

    The volume of soup will curb the appetite, but will leave little behind for the body to sustain itself on, thus weight loss will occur. Muscle structure is compromised as well, as the body turns to the muscle tissue to "feed" itself, since it has been deprived off other valuable nutrients and vitamins.

Meant to be a Kickstart for the System

    The cabbage soup diet is meant to cleanse the system and prepare it for a long term diet, if further weight loss is desired. Most of the time, the weight that is lost during the 7 day cabbage soup diet will return, if the dieter resumes normal eating habits.

    The cabbage soup diet will help to break the unhealthy eating cycle that the dieter has had. Supposedly, the cabbage soup diet curbs the person's cravings, allowing them to turn to healthier food alternatives, once the 7-day regime is over.

    This diet has been said to make people physically ill, causing severe headaches, upset stomachs and loss of energy. Other users have reported a successful weight loss, and have gone on to continue other types of weight control eating habits, without regaining the initial weight loss.

    As with any fad diet, the cabbage soup cleanse has advantages and disadvantages to it. Those attempting to do this diet should research everything they can find on the subject, and monitor their weight loss and health conditions closely.

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