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How to Get Advice From a Hindu Guru

How to Get Advice From a Hindu Guru

A Hindu guru is a teacher of spiritual knowledge who also guides his or her followers through everyday life events. Gurus play a vital role in Hinduism and everyone who follows that religion should seek one out. Gurus and the Scriptures act as Hinduism's two main sources of authority. The Scriptures are proscriptive, remaining unchanged for thousands of years. Gurus help disciples understand them and encourage philosophical debate to help spiritual growth.

In Ancient India, gurus were elusive and Hindus went to enormous lengths to find one. They often lived in remote and almost unreachable places, a deliberate effort to ensure that only determined disciples would find them. Finding a guru takes less effort today, but you must still follow a protocol when seeking advice from them.


How to Get Advice from a Guru


    Find the right guru for you. The Hindu religion allows followers to freely choose their gurus; pick yours for their "temperament, taste and inclination." It's difficult, however, for Westerners to find gurus outside Indian culture. Hinduism constitutes an eclectic mix of religious traditions, with many schools of philosophy and spiritual teachings, so choosing a guru can be confusing.

    Start with the Internet. Visit the Heart of Hinduism and The Hindu Website for background information. The Om-Guru site ( also recognizes the problems Westerners have finding gurus outside Indian culture. Hindu forums provide useful access to other people who've been through the same process and your local Hindu Cultural Center will also be able to help.


    Live a religious life--called "Dharma"--and surrender to all Hindu spiritual beliefs. Do this by reading scriptures, practicing yoga and meditating. A guru won't help you until he thinks you are spiritually ready. Commit to spirituality as much as you can; otherwise your guru's advice won't satisfy you. A good relationship and effective communication only comes when you possess total faith and trust from the follower.

    Don't seek a guru to tell you what you want to hear or to suit your ego. Find one whose ideology and level of spiritual perfection inspire and attract you.


    Decide what advice you want and know why you want it. You can get advice from a guru for many things, ranging from high spiritual matters to more worldly materialistic things. Wealth and worldly pleasures play an important part of Hindu culture as well but they must not form the basis for your relationship with a guru. Always remember that spirituality forms the basic tenet of a guru and disciple relationship, so be as honest as possible with yourself about your reasons for seeking advice from a guru.

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