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What Are the Beliefs of the Shinto?

What Are the Beliefs of the Shinto?

Shinto is an ancient Japanese religion that is unlike other religions. Shinto, along with Buddhism, is considered the national religion of Japan. It is described as a mix of nature worship, divination, hero worship and shamanism. It has no set-in-stone statement of beliefs or scriptures. Following are some of the beliefs in the Shinto religion, which began around 500 B.C.


    The Shinto religion believes that the kami (a divine couple) gave birth to the Japanese islands. Their other children became protectors of the various Japanese clans. For example, the Sun Goddess is considered the chief deity and the protector of the Japanese royal family. All of nature is considered sacred and is worshiped as a deity. Kami can be anything in nature and are generally considered benign by practitioners of Shinto.

Open Theology

    Shinto gives no specific moral code or details on the afterlife, but it does promote ancestor worship. Shinto practitioners generally follow Confucianism. All life, human or not, is considered sacred. Morality is based upon what is most beneficial to the group rather than to the individual.

Emphasis on Family

    Practitioners of Shinto believe in the power of family bonds. Many of Shinto's main celebrations are connected to family-related events such as birth and marriage. To a Shinto practitioner, all life is celebrated. Musuhi are the powers the kami use to create a sense of harmony in nature. Musuhi inspires makoto, which is a sense of sincerity or having a true heart.

Peace and Cleanliness

    Cleanliness is very important in the Shinto religion. Practitioners engage in frequent hand-washing, baths and oral hygiene. They believe that by keeping themselves clean at all times they are making themselves pleasing to the kami. Cleanliness is also important in a practitioner's dwelling.

    Shinto believers are pacifists by nature, and they think that engaging in war upsets the balance of nature.

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