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Foods Allowed on a Raw Food Diet

Foods Allowed on a Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet is a diet that consists primarily of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Some raw food proponents, or rawists, do include raw dairy products or eggs in their diet, and a few include raw meat. Rawism is such a recent phenomenon, no "official" body or organization has evolved to set guidelines as to what qualifies as acceptable raw food. However, some general guidelines have become prevalent among rawists, and include eating foods that have not been cooked or heated, are unprocessed, and preferably are organic.

Fruits and Vegetables

    There are few, if any, limitations on fruits and vegetables in a raw diet, although organics are preferred, based on concerns about pesticides and fertilizers used on commercially grown fruits. Fruits should be fresh, not preserved. Vegetables should be fresh, not store-bought frozen, because those may have been blanched prior to freezing.

Dairy Products and Eggs

    Rawists who include dairy products in their diet limit them to those which are non-pasteurized and non-homogenized. Such products include raw milk, raw cheese and raw yogurt. Uncooked eggs and Century eggs (eggs aged and preserved organically) are components of a raw food diet.

Seeds, Nuts, Beans and Grains

    Sprouted seeds (e.g., broccoli, garbanzo beans, peas, lentils, lettuce, radish, sunflower, yam, arugula, soy) and most nuts are eaten by rawists. Soaking seeds, beans and grains (such as rice) is thought to release their enzymes and make them more digestible. Some grains (e.g., buckwheat) and beans (kidney and soy) are difficult to digest and may be toxic to humans if eaten raw.

Meats, Seafood and Poultry

    Due to storage, handling, ocean pollution, E. coli, salmonella and other health concerns, the majority of rawists do not include meat, fish or poultry in their diets. Most raw food diet proponents eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, which does not include these animal foods.


    Raw food juices should be consumed shortly after they are made.
    Raw food juices should be consumed shortly after they are made.

    Purified water is preferred to tap water. Juices should be made with a juicer, and drunk soon after they are made. Coconut milk made from young coconuts is considered another raw food. Sun tea (heated by sunlight), as opposed to regular brewed tea, is acceptable. Although not heated or cooked, sodas, bottled juices, liquor and other commercial drinks are considered processed and not part of a true raw food diet.

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  1. Actually, if you say raw food diet, it is not actually about having a completely raw diet. You can add meat, poultry and fish but of course, you have to cook them. Look for a Raw food blog that will provide you a good sense of diet.