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What Is the Atkins Diet Plan?

The Atkins diet is a science-backed diet program that reduces carbs and increases fiber, resulting in weight loss. One popular feature of the Atkins diet is that you get to eat all of the fruits and vegetables you want, but you must reduce your breads and sweets in order to cut carbs. The Atkins diet changes your metabolism so that you burn stored fat instead of food energy.


    Dr Robert Atkins introduced the Atkins Nutritional Approach in 1972, with his book "Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution."


    Because the Atkins diet reduces the amount of stored energy in the form of fat in the body, while supplying energizing protein-rich foods, users find that they're able to burn fat faster than with other diets.


    Many people think that the Atkins diet means eating nothing but meats and cheeses, but fruits, vegetables and nuts and other whole food sources are also allowed.


    After one year on the Atkins diet, users claim that they're not very hungry. While their weight loss may be the same as other nutritional approaches, their lack of hunger after a year of dieting may be significant.


    Completely removing carbs from the diet can "starve the brain," a condition called ketosis. Follow the advice of your physician or dietitian before engaging in long-term weight loss programs.

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