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How to Do a Liquid Diet

How to Do a Liquid Diet

Weight loss is just one of the benefits of going on a liquid diet. When one is on a liquid diet, the digestive system is allowed to rest and reprogram itself. Liquid nutrition is easier to digest than solid food and requires less work from our organs to assimilate nutrition.

A plant based liquid diet that includes juices and vegetable broths, will make the skin look younger and more vibrant. This change can happen in the first 24 hours for those who are relatively healthy to begin with. Detoxification, increased energy and improved mood are also benefits of the liquid diet.

It is important for you to know that the liquid diet should be done over short periods of predetermined time and not as a long term commitment. Drastic restriction of calories is not healthy over long periods of time. Always consult with a health care practitioner before embarking on any new diet.



    Decide on how long you would like your diet to last. Some people do a liquid diet 1 day per week. Beginners often set their goal between 3 to 7 days.


    Make sure the time span you choose for your liquid diet does not conflict with impending stressful situations. During a liquid diet, one should be in a relative state of rest.


    Shop for your liquid diet supplies. You will need plenty of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, herbal teas, and water. While on this diet, food quality matters very much. Since your nutrition intake will be limited, it is important that what you do put in your body has the most nutrition possible and little or no chemicals. For this reason, I suggest you consume only organic products.


    Water should be your main liquid on this diet, 8 glasses at least. You should consume no more than 3 glasses of freshly juiced fruits and/or vegetables in one day. Try to consume more vegetable juice and broth than fruit juice. Vegetables contain more digestive enzymes and will help you along your diet better. Sip herbal teas all day, no limit. Do not use any type of sweetener.


    Fill your thermos type containers with juice or broth when you know you will be out. Always take juice or broth with you to avoid emergency situations. Set yourself up for success.


    Strenuous exercise is NOT part of a liquid diet. It is a good idea to take long walks at a regular pace, but do not attempt to break a sweat. The body should be at rest during this type of diet.


    At the end of your liquid diet, it will be important for you to pace yourself back on to solid foods slowly and over the course of a few days. Begin with soups and cooked vegetables. Gradually add whole grains and fruit. Heavy foods that are difficult to digest, like meats and dairy (cheeses) should come last, if at all.

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