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Raw-Food Diet & Weight Loss

Raw-Food Diet & Weight Loss

Many diets that help people lose weight do so by limiting the amount of calories the dieter takes in. Whether the calories come from fat, carbohydrates or protein, decreasing your food intake in general promotes weight loss. The raw food diet stands out among weight-loss plans because it targets the growing, processing and preparation of the food, so the dieter's focus is on general body health and weight loss is a beneficial side effect.

High Energy Foods

    The main goal of the raw food diet is to eat foods that are grown and harvested without chemicals or additives and remain uncooked. The menu is made up of organic fruits and vegetables and raw meats, cheeses and nuts. The plan also maximizes the amounts of alkaline foods. These are the foods that increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. The theory behind eating alkaline foods is that the body will have an overall healthier and more energetic feeling when it is not struggling to keep the ph level in the blood at around 7.4. When the body feels better, it naturally retains more energy. Higher energy level means more energy expended which burns more calories. Burning more calories leads to weight loss.

High Fiber and Water Foods

    Many of the organic, unprocessed and high alkaline foods on the raw food diet are leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wheat and barley grass and sprouts. These foods are also high in fiber and high in water. High fiber and high water foods leave the body feeling more satisfied after eating them. When you are less hungry, you tend to eat less and the result of eating less is weight loss. The chemical makeup of the main foods on the raw diet is what causes weight loss in dieters. Secondary to this reason is the dietary restriction of so many other foods that are cooked, not organic and processed. The elimination of so many types of foods also restricts the overall amount of calories going into the body. This limitation of calories also leads to weight loss.

Delicious Foods

    One of the main benefits of sticking to a raw food diet to achieve weight loss is that the plan doesn't make you limit the amount of food you eat. You don't have to measure out portion sizes or forgo desserts or snacks. The plan simply calls for you to choose foods for meals, deserts or snacks that are on the raw food plan. As a result, dieters don't need to go hungry. Hunger leads to feeling deprived and hunger combined with deprivation leads to binging and cheating. Supporters of the raw food diet stress that choosing fresh, organic raw foods provides a delicious menu that can be easily maintained. As a result, weight loss occurs.

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